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École Panorama Ridge

Learn to live; live to learn.

Technology Education
Technology Education


The Industrial Technology Department is designed to teach students a hands-on approach to learning. Students start learning the basic skills that can lead to careers in Trades and Technology. In junior grades students will be introduced to safe use of machines, while creating a variety of exciting projects. Courses are designed to give the students a basic knowledge and the ability to continue into the senior courses. Students will demonstrate their learning through variety of assignments and projects. In senior years the courses can become more specific. They can choose the technology of interest to them. Please refer to the Course Selection Handbook for further information.

Mr. G.morrison_g@surreyschools.caTeacher - (Dept. Head)Woodwork, Wood Craft, Carpentry & Joinery, Grade 8 Technology Education
Mr. C.sirian_c@surreyschools.caTeacherMetalwork, Drafting
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Wood Shop Rules.pdf
Panorama Drafting 9.pdf
Panorama Drafting 10-12.pdf
Panorama Metalwork 8.pdf
Course Outline Metalwork 10-11.pdf
Course Outline Metalwork 12.pdf
Panorama Wood 8 Outline.pdf
Panorama Wood 9 Outline.pdf
Panorama Wood 10 Outline.pdf
Panorama Wood 11 and 12 Outline.pdf
Course Outline Metalwork 9.pdf
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