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Dr. F.D. Sinclair

Be the best you can be

About Our School
About Our School




  • Developing the academic, emotional/social, aesthetic and physical attributes of the child
  • Placing a high value on our school physical environment
  • Encouraging sharing and cooperation as part of a student's learning
  • Valuing the diversity of perspective, communication styles and beliefs within our school community
  • Using learning activities which balance rights and responsibilities and discipline with enjoyment
  • Fostering an appreciation of our country
  • Encouraging parental involvement to support their child's learning
  • VALUES: Everything that we do each day will be based on the values of: Respect, Responsibility and Safety

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • Homework support program for intermediate students
  • A school focus on "Canada"
  • School-wide concert 
  • Annual public speaking festival
  • Annual spring science fair
  • Access to a computer lab for all students
  • Participation in district extra-curricular sporting programs
  • School-wide recycling program
  • Leadership Academy Action Research project

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Time: 5/21/2022 8:00:57 AM
Host: AS78
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