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Clayton Heights

creating opportunities for excellence

About the School
About the School




  • To provide an orderly atmosphere that is conducive to learning, prevalent throughout the building

  • To ensure that all students understand and accept their rights and responsibilities as citizens and participate in civic and social groups

  • To ensure that all students explore the major social, environmental and technological issues and advancements facing the nation and the world

  • To ensure that all students develop skills and understandings needed to pursue interests and utilize personal talents

  • To ensure that all students investigate career and educational opportunities approriate to individual abilities and interests

  • To ensure that all students understand the importance of maintaining physical and emotional well being

  • To ensure that all students develop decision-making, planning and resource management skills needed for sound judgments and personal problem solving

Accomplishments and Initiatives: 

  • Advanced technology throughout the facility

  • Representation at district, regional and provincial

  • Athletic championships

  • Award-winning fine arts program

  • TV and Video  Production with multimedia curricular programs

  • Wide variety of specialized programs including language instruction in French, Spanish, German and Japanese

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Time: 5/15/2022 10:38:16 PM
Host: AS79
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