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Tip #3: Be the Respectful Role Model

On the surface, healthy relationships seem simply to work well. When we "peek under the hood," however, to see what is supporting these relationships, we find that the following are almost always present:

  • Honesty and openness
  • Trust
  • Patience
  • Physical safety
  • Emotional security
  • Understanding and empathy
  • Respect
  • Efficacy
  • Mutual support
  • Loyalty

When considered within the teaching and learning paradigm, these characteristics can also be seen to apply to facilitators' best interactions with students. Modelling is one of the most powerful tools in any learning situation and teachers who embody these characteristics, as well as demonstrate through their behavior that they believe in the tools set out in the Respectful Futures materials, will support students' growing understanding and skill development needed to nurture mature and open relationships. Young people learn more by watching what the significant adults in their lives do than from what they say.

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