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Facilitation Tips
Facilitation Tips

The Facilitation Guide provides useful information related to Respectful Futures as a whole and you are encouraged to read the Guide prior to delivering the materials and refer to it as needed during implementation.

Instructors who are using the materials for the first time will find an overview of:
  • background information on the original program that was developed for use in community corrections offices and in jails with domestic abuse offenders
  • background information on the process used to modify the materials for use in schools and the community
  • the connection to the BC curriculum
  • the layout of each of the six modules with a brief explanation of each section
  • principles of facilitation and implementation

Facilitation is the art of guiding but not leading, bringing learning but not lecturing, engaging but not directing. Coming from the Latin facilitar, meaning, "to make easy," the role of the facilitator is not to do for others, but to bring out the ability of a group to accomplish a goal.

The materials are designed to be implemented using a facilitation model rather than a didactic model of teaching. Facilitation, as it is imagined here, allows students to take ownership for their thinking and to begin the important process of analysis – questioning their beliefs and re-evaluating their actions and behaviours in light of their emerging learning. The success of the program on which Respectful Futures is based, Respectful Relationships, has demonstrated over and over again that facilitation works to change thinking and attitudes where direct teaching/telling often fails.

Below are some tips which you may find useful as you implement the Respectful Futures resource materials:

Tip #1: Be Non-Judgmental and Respectful - READ MORE

Tip #2: Create a Safe Environment - READ MORE

Tip #3: Be the Respectful Role Model - READ MORE

Tip #4: Know Your Limits - READ MORE

Tip #5: Be Flexible - READ MORE

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