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Weeding and Retention

Weeding and Retention

Weeding and Retention

Weeding is the process of eliminating obsolete or damaged materials from the collection. Systematic weeding is not an irresponsible disposal of school property; rather, it is a necessary service that enhances the credibility and usability of the school library. An occasional mistake is far less serious that the cumulative effect of a weed-cluttered collection. Collections should be monitored regularly to determine low-use sections requiring weeding.

Collection development should follow the CREW method: Continuous Review, Evaluation and Weeding. CREW Method

What to Weed (MUSTIE)  Weeding Brochure.pdf

Misleading and/or factually inaccurate;

Ugly (worn out beyond mending or rebinding);

Superseded by a new edition or a better source;

Trival (of no discernable literary or scientic merit);

Irrelevant to the needs and interests of your community;

Elsewhere (the material may be easily borrowed from another source).

Suggested Guidelines Suggested Guidelines.pdf

Reuse and Disposal:  8800.5 Regulation.pdf

The teacher-librarian exercises discretion about whether materials are:

  • given to teachers for classroom use (sd36 barcode blacked out and discard stamped on book)
  • recycled or shredded - Unusable items should be packed in distrcit recycle boxes (see your head secretary). Submit a work order requesting transport and send for shredding.  Items can be sent to recycling or shredding at any time of the year. 
Deleting Items: Delete item numbers of weeded materials. Destiny does not automatically delete empty bib records when the last copy is deleted.  Each summer the LRS team will delete all empty bib records that are more than 2 years old as part of regular maintanence routines.  School catalogues will continue to show the empty bib records until the TL or LRS runs a "Remove titles without copies" report to remove them.  This report can be confirgured so that digital items without physical copes linked are retained for school view.

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