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General Information

School circulation practices are site specific.  Using the 'Back Office' tab in the Destiny program the teacher-librarian can determine:

  • loan periods
  • number of materials that may be borrowed
  • circulation types (e.g. Reference, Regular etc.)
  • calendar
  • renewal limits
  • holds
  • ceiling date
Additional support information may be found in the Destiny Support on-line manual.

Elementary Practices

Additionally, the teacher-librarian determines policies on:

  • barcodes
  • overdues
  • lost and damaged books
Refer to the Destiny manual for suggestions on generating barcodes and managing overdue, lost, and damaged books.

Secondary Practices

Students are issued a Go Card each year as their photo identification card.  Go Cards can be barcoded to correspond with user accounts.  The teacher-librarian should check with the appropriate administrator to ensure this takes place.

Late arrival students may not have been issued a Go Card. In the vent that a student has not been issued a Go Card, the teacher-librarian can confirm a student's identity by:

  • creating a library card by generating barcodes
  • using picture ID to confirm identity- possibly a student composite from the photo company (print or electronic), BCDL or other photo ID
  • receiving a note from the classroom teacher
  • being shown a printout of the student's timetable signed by the counsellor or office staff
  • confirm student in MyEd
  • student number
Further, the secondary teacher-librarian must manage overdues. A number of strategies may be used, including:
  • emailing teachers to remind students in classes that the books are due. Students should be sent down by the classroom teacher to renew or return their books
  • giving printout reminders to homeroom teachers whenever a homeroom occurs or to a regular classroom
  • attaching overdue notices to report cards
  • using School Messenger to phone students with outstanding overdues
  • not allowing further loans until overdues have been cleared with individual students
  • revisiting overdues from the previous year at the beginning of September and contacting home
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