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General Budget Information

1. Learning Resource Services

The teacher-librarian must consult with the site specific Learning Resource Services contact (typically the principal or a vice-principal) about library program funding.  District guidelines suggest 20-25% of the total Learning Resource Services budget for each school be allocated to the library.

2. Operating

The teacher-librarian will receive monies from administration for operating purposes and supplies.

3. Shop & Take

At the beginning of each school year, teacher-librarians are permitted to transfer up to a maximum 25% of their pre-determined LRS library budget into a separate school-based account to make book purchases of their own.

A Library Shop & Take Transfer Form is required to transfer the Shop & Take funds, and must be submitted to LRS by a specific date.  This amount is then deducted from your main LRS library budget and included in the total spending calculation.

Important: Shop & Take funds can only be used to reimburse the purchase of printed books.  No games, DVDs, manipulatives, magazine subscriptions, library supplies or furniture will be reimbursed with Shop & Take Funds.

Once the Shop & Take transfer has been completed, the teacher-librarian is able to shop for books at any desired vendor and immediately take the books back to their school library. In most cases, Shop & Take orders will need to be paid for in-store; teacher-librarians' must then submit their receipts (or invoices) to their head clerk for reimbursement (or payment) from their Shop & Take funds. Each TL must track their own Shop & Take spending, just as they would do with their regular LRS library budget.

4. Lost Books

Schools are expected to establish and maintain procedures for dealing with lost of damaged library resources. Such procedures should also provide for the collection of outstanding debts.

On a discretionary basis, teacher-librarians', principals, and vice-principals may reduce or waive charges for lost or damaged library resources.  All monies collected should be forwarded to the school office for processing.

Students with lost or damaged materials should pay appropriate amount to the head clerk of the school which will automatically be deposited into the teacher-librarians' lost books account.

Additional Revenue Sources

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Teacher-librarians' can apply for additional funding through PAC and should see a site administrator for application.

Transferring Funds

Funds from external sources such as donations, fundraising initiatives, or PAC funds may be transferred to LRS to cover the cost of an order using the 'Funds Transfer Request/Cheque Remittal form.  Confirm site-specific practices with the head clerk of the school.

Library Budget Request Sheet

The Library Budget Request Sheet can be used as a discussion guide for planning library budget requirements with school staff and administration.  It is an optional tool that teacher-librarians may find useful for planning purposes.

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