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Our Values
Our Values






Community: We value connection


Our Goals: Teacher-librarians will cultivate community in the LLC and participate in developing community within their school, Surrey and globally.


We will:

  • engage with appropriate community programs and agencies to provide students extended learning opportunities 
  • explore avenues for virtual connections 
  • encourage a cooperative learning environment that is inclusive and supportive of all members to empower the school-community 
  • connect with students to cultivate lifelong learning 


Leadership: We transform learning 


Our Goal: Teacher-librarians provide leadership in their school communities and are dedicated to professional learning, Surrey’s priority practices and sharing these through collaboration.


We will:

  • engage in ongoing professional development   
  • create opportunities to share professional learning with our teaching peers 
  • develop a core understanding and proficient use of Surrey’s Priority Practices (instructional design, quality assessment, curriculum design, social emotional learning) 
  • support teachers through collection development, resource curation, networking, mentoring, physical and virtual LLC 
  • support students through experiential learning experiences, collection development, access, a variety of programs, physical and virtual LLC 
  • incorporate school goals in to our daily practice 
  • be instructional partners with teachers in collaboration 
  • provide opportunities to connect members of the school community 


Transliteracy: We believe that literacy, in all its forms, is the foundation for all other learning


Our Goal: We will equip students to read, write, listen, interpret and think critically when using all kinds of media, including digital resources and platforms.


We will:


  • foster a love of reading in our school community (e.g. book promotion, clubs, and school wide reading programs) 
  • emphasize the value of literacy by demonstrating its connection to the world around us  
  • assist students in discovering enjoyable reading material at their level 
  • aid staff in gathering print and digital resources to support classroom learning 
  • promote best practices for: accessing, using and thinking critically about information, and academic integrity (plagiarism/ethical use) and citation


Lifelong Learning: We are committed to equipping students with lifelong learning skills by promoting a school culture that nurtures learning and developing during all stages of life


Our Goal: We will empower lifelong learners to be self-motivated to investigate, question, examine and take risks in expanding new ideas, knowledge and understandings.


We will:

  • lead the school community in the design of information literacy learning strategies and processes in order to empower independent learners.  
  • provide experiential learning opportunities to promote ownership of learning. 
  • emphasize the value of imagination and curiosity
  • nurture learning experiences that invite creativity and innovation.  
  • encourage active learners to be independent thinkers and decision makers to promote critical thinking skills. 
  • support a culture of inquiry by fostering an environment of investigation, exploration and reflection.  


Intellectual Freedom: We are committed to the defense and promotion of intellectual freedom. Teacher-librarians are committed to the conviction that education, not censorship, is the key to helping students to be successful in critically and thoughtfully acquiring, analyzing and synthesizing information. 

Our Goal:
 We will provide students with the opportunity to choose books they are interested in and maintain a collection of varied reading materials that are representative of the diversity of thoughts, views, ideas and expressions in our school and global community.


We will:

  • use our professional judgement to choose materials for the school library collection. 
  • use recognized selection tools to evaluate materials for suitability based on the needs of their user community. 
  • defend the rights of students to access materials including those which some elements of society may consider to be unconventional, unpopular or unacceptable. 
  • avoid applying personal bias to collection development. 
  • evaluate non-print resources by the same criteria as print resources. 
  • follow the procedure outlined by the School District in the event of a challenged resource. 
  • support students' rights to personal privacy and anonymity in borrowing. 


Relevant Resources: We believe that access to a current, comprehensive, culturally relevant and responsive collection that demonstrates respect for the diversity of the school community creates valuable learning opportunities and improves student engagement.  


Our Goal: We will curate collections that ensure equitable access to information, quality reading materials, technology and learning opportunities for all members of the school community.


We will: 

  • curate collections that provide equal access to all members of the school community regardless of ability and/or socio-economic considerations. 
  • curate collections that encourage free inquiry
  • curate collections that support knowledge acquisition and the development of critical thinking skills
  • curate collections that support the development of literature appreciation and a love of reading
  • select materials to enrich the curriculum and support all learners. 
  • curate and promote resources that support global connectedness and good citizenship
  • regularly evaluate and re-evaluate collections to ensure the resources are up to date and continue to meet the needs of the user community.  
  • curate collections that include a variety of formats and adapt these collections to reflect changes in the needs of the school community.  
  • collaborate with members of the school community to ensure the collection is meeting their needs. 
  • responsibly allocate district funds in developing the Library Learning Commons collection. 


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