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"Teacher-librarians have the specialized skills, knowledge and training to implement needed change. Volumes of research point to the positive influence excellent teacher-librarians have on teaching and learning. Each school and district should work creatively to ensure that all students have the benefit of teacher-librarian expertise in information literacy and technology in learning as well as in supporting independent reading and evolving literacies."  - Leading Learning (

Teacher-librarians bring a unique skill set to the school community as collaborators.  As experts in curating and selecting resources, inquiry, and research, teacher-librarians support student learning in a variety of targeted ways. 

In Surrey Schools, teacher-librarians have dedicated time in their schedules to specifically come alongide teachers and students to support learning. 

Canadian School Libraries (CSL). 2018.  “Leading Learning:  Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada.” Available:

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Time: 8/18/2022 6:30:18 PM
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