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Curriculum & Instruction
Section 8000: Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction
This section contains policies regarding school courses and other education-specific topics. It reflects the schools’ reason for being: to provide the best possible educational opportunity for children.

Policies are in PDF format and will open in a new window. Adobe Reader is required. 
Please see District Forms Repository for forms related to policies and regulations.

8100 Policy.pdf
School Completion Certificate
8100.1 Regulation.pdf
School Completion Certificate
8200 Policy.pdf
Local School Calendar
8200.1 Regulation.pdf
Local School Calendar/Processes
8210 Policy.pdf
Non-Instructional Days
8210.1 Regulation.pdf
Non-Instructional Days
8320 Policy.pdf
Community-Initiated Programs
8320.1 Regulation.pdf
Community-Initiated Programs: Process for Submitting Proposals
8425 Policy.pdf
Health and Career Education (K-10)
8425.1 Regulation.pdf
Health and Career Education (K-10)
8450 Policy.pdf
French Immersion
8450.1 Regulation.pdf
French Immersion Programming
8475 Policy.pdf
Career Education Programs
8475.1 Regulation.pdf
Career Education Programs
8601 Policy.pdf
Conduct of Schools
8620 Policy.pdf
Student Creative Works and Performances
8620.1 Regulation.pdf
Student Creative Works and Performances
8700 Policy.pdf
Communicating Student Learning (Grades K-12)
8700.1 Regulation.pdf
Communicating Student Learning (CSL)
8800 Policy.pdf
Learning Resources
8800.1 Regulation.pdf
Learning Resources: Definition and Selection
8800.1-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: District Learning Resources - Local Approval Process
8800.2 Regulation.pdf
Learning Resources: Challenge
8800.2-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix I: Challenge of a Learning Resource Form
8800.2-2 Appendix.pdf
Appendix II: Challenge Process - Provincially Recommended Resource
8800.2-3 Appendix.pdf
Appendix III: Challenge Process - Locally Approved Resource
8800.3 Regulation.pdf
Allowable Uses of School Based Learning Resource/Library Fund
8800.4 Regulation.pdf
Care of Learning Resources
8800.5 Regulation.pdf
Re-Use & Disposal of Learning Resources
8801 Policy.pdf
Copyright Law Compliance
8801.1 Regulation.pdf
Copyright Law Compliance
8901 Policy.pdf
Student Field Studies
8901.1 Regulation.pdf
Student Field Studies - General
8901.1-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: District Bus Usage for Field Studies
8901.2 Regulation.pdf
Extended Field Studies
8901.2-4 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Student Database Form
8901.2-5 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Field Studies Medical Form
8901.2-6 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Supervisors Information Sheet
8901.3 Regulation.pdf
High School Bracket Racing
8901.4 Regulation.pdf
Field Studies To Ski/Snowboarding Areas
8901.4-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Parent Permission Form - Snow Activities
8901.4-2 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: What to Wear
8901.4-3 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Alpine Responsibility Code
8910 Policy.pdf
Distributed Learning
8911 Policy.pdf
Home School Learners
8911.1 Regulation.pdf
Home School Learners
8912 Policy.pdf
Independent Directed Studies
8912.1 Regulation.pdf
Independent Directed Studies
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