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Section 4000: Finance


This section includes policy statements concerning the financial aspects of the school district. It should provide the guidelines for an effective and efficient stewardship of public funds by the school board and its administration. Policies pertaining to the budget, budget development, purchasing and accounting procedures will be found in this section.

Policies are in PDF format and will open in a new window. Adobe Reader is required. 
Please see District Forms Repository for forms related to policies and regulations.

4104 Policy.pdf
District Generated Revenue
4104.1 Regulation.pdf
Special Purpose Fund Accounts: Applications, Contracts & Budgets
4105 Policy.pdf
Investment of Funds
4150 Policy.pdf
Internal Audit
4150.1 Regulation.pdf
Internal Audit
4202 Policy.pdf
Authority for Expenditures
4202.1 Regulation.pdf
Authority for Expenditures - Operating Non-Payroll Accounts
4202.2 Regulation.pdf
Authority for Expenditures - "Special Purpose Funds" Accounts
4202.3 Regulation.pdf
Limitations on Authority for Expenditures
4202.4 Regulation.pdf
Internal Service Charges
4203 Policy.pdf
Operating Budget
4203.1 Regulation.pdf
Position Control
4204 Policy.pdf
Fiscal Responsibility: Operating Fund Balance
4204.1 Regulation.pdf
Fiscal Responsibility: Operating Fund Balance
4410 Policy.pdf
Travel Expense Reimbursement
4410.1 Regulation.pdf
Travel Expense Reimbursement (Local Travel)
4410.2 Regulation.pdf
Travel Expense Reimursement - (Out of Area)
4410.3 Regulation.pdf
Insurance Aspects of Employee Travel
4420 Policy.pdf
Imprest Funds
4420.1 Regulation.pdf
Petty Cash Funds
4430 Policy.pdf
Charitable Donations
4430.1 Regulation.pdf
Charitable Donations
4430.1-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Establishing & Administering Scholarship Funds
4600 Policy.pdf
Purchasing Goods & Services
4600.1 Regulation.pdf
Methods to Obtain Goods & Services
4600.3 Regulation.pdf
Product Standards
4600.4 Regulation.pdf
Obtaining Vendor Pricing
4600.5 Regulation.pdf
Competitive Bidding Process
4600.6 Regulation.pdf
Selection of Vendor Bids & Proposals
4660 Policy.pdf
Procurement Cards
4660.1 Regulation.pdf
Procurement Cards
4900 Policy.pdf
Management of Site Based Funds
4900.1 Regulation.pdf
Banking and Financial Operating Standards for Sites
4900.2 Regulation.pdf
District Revenues Collected at Sites: Goods & Services Tax Considerations
4900.3 Regulation.pdf
Site Local Funds: Goods & Services Tax Considerations
4900.4 Regulation.pdf
Classification of Funds Collected at Sites
4900.5 Regulation.pdf
Annual Statement of Site Revenues and Expenditures
4910 Policy.pdf
School/Student Fundraising
4910.1 Regulation.pdf
School/Student Fundraising: Goods & Services Tax Considerations
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