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General District Administration
Section 3000: General District Administration

General District Administration

This section includes policies regarding the organization of the school district. Included are the policies pertaining to the Superintendent of Schools and other senior management positions.

Policies are in PDF format and will open in a new window. 
Adobe Reader is required. 
Please see District Forms Repository for forms related to policies and regulations.
3200 Policy.pdf
Superintendent of Schools Position Description
3201 Policy.pdf
Deputy Superintendent of Schools Positon Description
3202 Policy.pdf
Assistant Superintendent of Schools Position Description
3203 Policy.pdf
Director of Instruction Position Description
3204 Policy.pdf
Secretary-Treasurer Position Description
3204.1 Regulation.pdf
Secretary-Treasurer Position Description - Code of Ethics & Standards of Conduct
3205 Policy.pdf
Senior Administrators Performance Reviews and Professional Development
3350 Policy.pdf
Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Position Description
3440 Policy.pdf
Internal Communications Procedures
3440.1 Regulation.pdf
Internal Communications Procedures
3525 Policy.pdf
Political Activities in the Schools
3601 Policy.pdf
Independent Programs Supported By Federal Grants
3601.1 Regulation.pdf
Independent Programs Supported By Federal Grants
3700 Policy.pdf
Environmental Sustainability
3700.1 Regulation.pdf
Environmental Sustainability
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