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Board Governance and Operations
Section 2000: Board Governance and Operations

Board Governance and Operations
This section contains statements about the work of the board of education. It is speaking on its own operations, its own procedures, its own practices, and its own conduct as a school board.
Its statements sets forth guidelines concerning some of the board’s closest relationships; with its administrators, its committees, the media, and in matters related to policy development with staff, students, and public.

Policies are in PDF format and will open in a new window. Adobe Reader is required. 
Please see District Forms Repository for forms related to policies and regulations.
2100 Policy.pdf
Trustee Code of Conduct
2300 Policy.pdf
School District Signing Authority
2300.1 Regulation.pdf
School District Signing Authority
2320 Policy.pdf
Board Committees and Trustee Representation
2400 Policy.pdf
School Board Meetings & Trustee In-Service Sessions
2500 Policy.pdf
Board Policy Development
2500.1 Regulation.pdf
Board Policy Development: Policies & Regulations
2601 Policy.pdf
Board-Staff Communications
2601.1 Regulation.pdf
Communications With Trustees
2610 Policy.pdf
Liaison With Employee Groups
2680 Policy.pdf
Stakeholders & Elected Officials Liaison Meetings
2900 Policy.pdf
Trustee Professional Development and Attendance at Conferences
2902 Policy.pdf
Board Member Conflict of Interest
2905 Policy.pdf
New Trustee Orientation
2910 Policy.pdf
Trustee Requests for Time Off From Employment
2915 Policy.pdf
Trustee Elections - Chairperson & Vice-Chairperson
2915.1 Regulation.pdf
Trustee Elections - Chairperson & Vice-Chairperson
2917 Policy.pdf
Trustee Election Protocol
2917.1 Regulation.pdf
Trustee Election Protocol
2920 Policy.pdf
Trustees' Honorarium
2920.1 Regulation.pdf
Trustees' Honorarium
2925 Policy.pdf
Trustees - Provision of Resources
2940 Policy.pdf
Board Gifts - Dignitaries & Guests
2940.1 Regulation.pdf
Board Gifts - Dignitaries & Guests
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