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Why Make a Gift
Why Make a Gift

The Surrey School District is committed to providing the best possible education to our students.  To accomplish this, we must also strive to create the best communities, the strongest families and a wide variety of supports, programs and opportunities for Surrey residents at large. When our students, their families and neighbours are healthy, happy and engaged, our staff and our schools are able to provide the very best educational opportunities possible.  Donations enable us to reach out beyond the 9-3 classroom.

Your support makes a daily difference in the lives of children at the 124 schools in the Surrey School District. Your donations create innovative and engaging programs that are leading the way in how schools support the development of children beyond 9-3 classroom work.  Your contributions feed hungry children daily, fulfilling a fundamental need and also providing a chance for these students to learn, focus and advance alongside their peers.  Your support is bringing computers into the classroom and preparing students to lead in the 21st century.  Your contributions bring diversity, excitement, enrichment and opportunities to our students’ experience and we treasure our partners collaboration, spirit of community and dedication to students.  You are our light.

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Time: 8/18/2022 6:49:38 PM
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