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Who Works Here

Surrey Schools employs individuals from a vast array of professions and talents.​

These talents are not limited to the exceptional teachers, administrators and school support staff, but is far reaching. The Surrey Schools team stretches from the shop floor to the boardroom. Behind the scenes are individuals who work to ensure schools operate safely and efficiently on a daily basis including, but not limited to, Trades, Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Payroll, and Corporate Services.​

A common thread for us is that we are passionate about the business of learning and work to support the children in our schools.

This is where Surrey comes to learn.

​View the profiles of some of our staff below:​​​


Foreman Vehicle Maintenance​
Steven Brodie profile picture
Steven Brodie - Foreman Vehicle Maintenance since 2016
Employee since 2000

Why Surrey Schools?

"Originally I was attracted to the benefits and job security of working for Surrey Schools. The people I have worked for have encouraged me to strive for more and were a great example to me of what I could become. By working hard and upgrading my skills I was able to flourish."


"​My job is to acquire and maintain the equipment, vehicles and tools used by Surrey Schools and ensure they are safe and in top working condition."
​​In 2000 Steve joined Surrey Schools as an evening custodian. He enjoyed his work but eventually wanted to transition to day shift. Steve took coursework, earned a class one drivers licence and became an equipment operator with the grounds crew. Prior to joining Surrey Schools Steve had completed coursework for an automotive ticket however had not accumulated enough hours to write his exam. While working, Steve continued upgrading, earning a number of other credentials including a Commercial Vehicle Inspection Ticket and Air Brake Repair Ticket. When a Trades Helper (Mechanic) position opened up in the Maintenance department Steve successfully applied for the job eventually earned his Red Seal. Recently Steve applied, and was selected, for the role of Shop Foreman. 
"Surrey Schools has allowed me to build a career that I enjoy."
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Systems Application Specialist
Jeff McMillan profile picture
Nicolet​te Olson - Systems Application Specialist since 2018
Employee since 2004

Why Surrey Schools?

"Working with Surrey Schools has fulfilled two strong passions of mine - helping people and working with technology. I couldn’t ask for anything more."


Nicky started with Surrey Schools in January 2004 as a Help Desk Technologist, supporting employees district wide with software and hardware by phone and email. She has a Computer Science Diploma from Champlain Regional College in St. Lambert Quebec, an Instructor Developer certificate from the Justice Institute of BC and over 25 years training experience. In 2006 Nicky became a Systems Trainer responsible to teach staff to use technology. Over the past nine years she has worked at all 140 district sites interacting with thousands of different people in a supportive role to equip staff with the skills to benefit from district wide information technology initiatives. 
Nicky uses her analytical, testing, documenting and teaching skills on a daily basis and loves the fact that her job is always changing and no two days are alike.
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Manager, Service Operations
Mark West profile picture
Mark West - Manager, Service Operations since 2021
Employee since 2009

Why Surrey Schools?

"My job is always interesting and challenging, no two days are alike. I enjoy what I do and feel appreciated for my work."


"​My job is to make sure that my team of custodians has everything they need to make sure schools are clean and safe for staff and students."
​Mark called Tennessee his home until 2002 when he sold everything and moved to British Columbia to get married and start a new life. He was attracted to Surrey Schools as he felt there was a great opportunity to build a career. Mark took a job in 2009 as a custodian hoping to learn everything he could with the vision to advance his career. While working he takes ongoing Management and Business courses."Surrey accommodates me when I feel like I want to do something to improve myself." In 2015 Mark became Assistant Manager of Service Operations. He attributes his success to hard work, initiative and a willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. 
"Ultimately we are all working for the kids – no matter what our job is."
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Career Development Facilitator
Kris Hull profile picture
Kris Hull - Career Development Facilitator since 2017
Employee since 2005

Why Surrey Schools?

"I enjoy coming to work because I make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. I promote access to a Canadian way of life and help create contributing citizens amongst our most vulnerable youth."


"​My job is to help student refugees, and new immigrant students, settle into Canadian life by teaching English language, life skills, community awareness and building bridges to opportunity."
Kris joined the Surrey School District in December 2005 as a potential new Elementary School hire. After 20 days of acting as a Teacher Teaching on Call, he accepted a position as an Integration Support Teacher. Over the summer of 2006 Kris applied to, and was awarded, an English Language Learner Bridge Program Teacher position (ELL) and has remained in this program ever since. Kris is driven by his passion and commitment to building the future fabric of our community by assisting new Canadian citizens. 
"I love my job and there is no career I would rather be in."
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Systems Application Specialist
Jeff McMillan profile picture
Marvin Pinili - Manager, Information Management Systems since November 2021
Employee since 2007

Why Surrey Schools?

"It is a rewarding feeling to know that I contribute to Surrey Schools by ensuring that over 80,000 staff and students can rely on their technology each day."


Marvin joined the district in January 2007 with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from Simon Fraser University. He wanted to work for an enterprise level company and was drawn to Surrey Schools because of its size and the fact that he grew up and lives in the community. Marvin started as an Information Services Technologist traveling between school sites maintaining technology. Marvin joined the operations team in August 2009 and is responsible to ensure that the entire district network and servers are operating across all 140 sites on a daily basis. He works with an amazing team that supports each other. Marvin is constantly learning and enjoys the challenges associated with his work. 
"I am passionate about what I do – I know I make a difference to the education of students”. ​
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Manager Security and Infrastructure
Jeff McMillan profile picture
Jeff McMillan - Manager, Security and Infrastructure since 2008
Employee since 1994

Why Surrey Schools?

"With Surrey Schools I took a chance on a long term vision. I knew there were opportunities if I chose to invest in my future. I went back to school taking business courses and, with support and opportunities, am now the Manager, Security and Infrastructure."


"​My job is to ensure that behind the scenes all safety and facility issues are addressed immediately so staff and students can arrive to school in a safe environment."
Jeff started with Surrey Schools in 1994 as a Custodian. He was working two other jobs at the time but felt, as he was starting a new family, he would take the risk on what he felt was a long term career vision. In 2004 Jeff took on a role of Supervisor, continuing to take courses and upgrading his education. In 2009 he saw a role that would become his passion, Manager – Security and Infrastructure. Jeff works tirelessly with the District and Liaison partners, such as the RCMP and other community groups, to implement and ​streamline programs to improve our districts vandalism, theft and safety initiatives. 
He is instrumental in the effectiveness of these programs and is incredibly proud of Surrey Schools and the people it employs.
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